B&B In Jamaica Plain

I need support from the JP community for a proposed zoning relief, and would like people to be generally aware of what I would like to do.

This petition concerns a property that had a single family living in it until January 2018. I bought the property around January 2018.

Perkins Inn and Wyman bed and breakfast are currently operating as a bed and breakfast. With the new short-term ordinance that was passed – these types of businesses are required to change their use via a zoning relief to either a lodging house or hotel. Both of these requests have already gone through a neighbourhood process (abutters meeting and zoning board meeting) with success culminating in strong recommendations to move forward from the JPNC. The final step is a zoning board of appeal request to formalize the relief. This is done in city hall. The date of Perkins Inn is on August 10th and Wyman Bed and Breakfast on September 13th.

If/when the zoning board of appeal grants the relief, I would need a final confirmation from the licensing board.

Dar Sandler and his wife Courtney have been living in JP for the past 6 years. After spending some time working in marketing, he is trying his luck as a Bed & Breakfast owner.


He is also a committed father of a 2-year old - working locally allows him to spend more time with his son, while his wife works as an endocrinologist at two hospitals in Boston. In his spare time, he has been a member of a running group and is an avid tabletop gamer.

Teresa and Isaac (wyman) - 

Teresa is originally from Nevada, but she doesn’t miss the desert! She is a veteran in community management, having worked in B&Bs, retirement homes, and healthcare as well.

Isaac grew up in Texas, but is loving every bit of New England. Isaac spent almost a year working at a ranch in Nevada, with lots of stories to tell.

Aaron (perkins) - Aaron hails from Mississippi, where he inherited the ‘hospitality gene’. He studied Meteorology in college, but is still getting regularly surprised by Boston weather.

This takes up scarce parking:

Almost 90% of guests so far have been traveling either by Uber/Lyft, or public transportation. As a long-term rental, it is likely that % would be much lower, and this property would definitely put a crimp on the parking supply. We have unused parking spots that we have been renting to a local business - if need be we are happy to provide them to local residents if this becomes an issue. Or alternatively, would be the first to support residential parking on the street.

This attracts more ‘transient’ neighbours:

A significant number of guests so far are visiting family members, or taking advantage of local medical facilities. A number of local families have had visitors stay at our locations when they didn’t have spare beds or rooms to share. We even had one guest who took advantage of our location while her house in JP was undergoing pest treatment! But by and large, our guests are ordinary people like you and me who love the area and enjoy frequenting local shops and businesses.

A great benefit to local businesses. Our guests eat

and shop locally, taking advantage of the walkability of our area. 

A regulated, supervised location, with a 24/7 house manager living on the premises.

Provides modest short-term rental facilities that are useful for life events, and brings in visitors who support local businesses.


If you still are not convinced, have concerns or outright hate this – I welcome your feedback! I want to make this work for the community and am happy to find a way forward so that this will be a great part of the JP fabric. Feel free to reach out to me directly on my cell or email – and we can set up a date to chat!

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